Pana Damo Watson
M: 0418 481 250
What We Offer
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At the Institute of Guitar you can be assured that you will receive traditional tuition from fully qualified professionals.

On offer are a variety of classes covering all styles of music, catering to your needs whether you are advanced or just starting out. In addition to aiding H.S.C. and conservatorium students, Institute of Guitar has helped many professionals specialise their styles for certain gigs. (Don't forget to ask about internet lessons as well.)

Lead/Soloing and Creative Improvisation:
Here at Institute of Guitar we have developed a number of different techniques for playing lead quickly and effectively. Pana’s career has led to studio session work and he has brought that understanding to our lessons. In short you will learn how to just listen to your favourite album and play it by ear, or use that same understanding to play lead over anything.

Technical Skills:
Every guitarist loves to play some shredding attention grabbing licks. Performance skills have been handed down from classical masters for centuries and we use them at Institute of Guitar. Time based practice methods that have been proven to work are applied to modern guitar techniques. (As well as classical and jazz techniques.)

Ear Training (aural)/Theory:
The human ear can be trained to know what the next part of a song is without touching the instrument. Traditional training akin to a music degree is what we have here at Institute of Guitar. This is coupled with the correct alignment of theoretical understanding for any level of music study.

Advanced Improvisation Theory:
At Institute of Guitar we have had the pleasure of demystifying tritone substitution, explaining the inner workings of the altered scale and where it comes from, helping people understand the "charlie parker" turn around in bebop, and much more. Institute of Guitar has done the homework and has the resources to help people with the most advanced concepts in modern music.